Since 1850, CDP has promoted the sustainable growth of Italy thanks to the trust of the 27 million Italians who en-trust their savings to the institution every day. Postal sav-ings are the main driver of CDP’s projects, and symbolise its firm bond with the people and with local communities.

Over time CDP’s role has evolved considerably in or-der to meet the economic and other challenges facing Italy. Its sphere of action has expanded significantly: the funding of local authorities is now accompanied by support for infrastructure and businesses, activities in the real estate sector, international cooperation and the management of major strategic investments.

Today, the CDP Group supports the innovation, growth and internationalisation of small, medium and large com-panies. It also favours the formation and expansion of start-ups and collaborations with leading companies in strategic sectors for the support of industrial development.It finances infrastructure, and investments in public ad-ministrations.

It supports policies to enhance the real estate assets of local authorities, invest in social and edu-cational buildings and we support energy efficiency poli-cies. It also offers local authorities financial and technical advice during the planning and design of works, and is an accelerator of their innovation processes.